Testimony - Clark


25th- 28th 2019
Rome, GA

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Kids: 1

In business together: 1 years

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Married: 7 years


WJ Clark Photography

Jonathan & Becky Clark

Connect for us was definitely life changing. Vulnurability and transparency were the two things that helped us to let go of the past, realize we need to get over ourselves and live and love the way Christ loved us. Going through a tough and sometimes dark past both personally and as a couple we quickly booked this trip prayerfully that we would walk away changed. At the time we attended this retreat we had only been going to a local Church for about a year and the things we experienced the few short days was more fulfilling and life changing than anything we had experienced that past year at Church. It gave our hearts new life, it changed the way we look at not only each other but everything and everyone and allowed us the opportunity to refocus our life into a life of loving and serving others in whichever way God leads us.

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