25th- 28th 2019
Rome, GA


We have been married 16 years...married but not happy. It took being brought to our breaking point seven years ago for us to begin the painful, wonderful work of healing. God poured His grace over our marriage, restoring even the most vulnerable and dark parts. We certainly do not have it all figured out, but we hope you will be encouraged by our raw and gritty past and our continued journey to redemption.

from the hearts of Shaun & Jaime:


Shaun & Jaime

Born and raised in sunny California, we moved almost 6 years ago to Indiana. We have three wonderful children: one in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary school. Jaime has chosen to stay at home with the kids and work part time as a KISS book designer. Shaun, once a wedding photographer, is the CEO and part owner of KISS Wedding Books. He is passionate about building culture of growth, inclusion, and liberation not only within the walls of KISS, but extending to customers, friends, and family

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