Is this for me Part II

25th- 28th 2019
Rome, GA

For further questions you may have, visit out Frequently Asked Questions page.

You are welcome to come to as little or as much as you want.

We have created this time for you to have at your fingertips access to many great resources, from speakers, to breakout sessions, to lots of time to get away, explore and unplug.

Our biggest goal is for you to RELAX and if this means you need to skip all of the sessions and escape, be our guest.


we're glad you asked!





Meet and gain friendships with other couples who are in the same walk of life as you.

Spend quality time with your spouse relaxing together and having fun.

Learn how to continue to best work with your spouse and tackle difficult business situations as a team.

Learn how to create business boundaries to make sure your business doesn't become your life.

Learn your spouse's biggest needs in the workplace and in your marriage and how to balance them both.

...and much more! Make sure to fill out your biggest need as a couple when you register!

The Bible is the foundation that we have built our marriage and business upon, which would make it hard to have no mention of our faith during this week.

However, all are welcome regardless of their faith backgrounds and just because you may not be a person of faith doesn't mean that the principles wont be applicable to you and that you wont enjoy yourself and get a lot out of the retreat.


Grow in the below areas:
(after 12 years we still don't have it right -Z&J ;o)

Having a thriving marriage in the midst of jobs and life.

Solidifying your individual roles in the family unit and in the business.

Balancing or starting a family while running a business full time.

Working together and avoiding conflict.

...and much more!

This retreat is geared toward couples who are married and one or both may own their own business (whether together or separate) - regardless of how many years you have been in business. You will be able to choose the sessions that you want to attend to best fit your personal needs. Make sure to fill out your biggest need as a couple when you register!

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