25th- 28th 2019
Rome, GA


I'm not married quite yet, can I come with my fiancée?
Absolutely! We love that you want to take advantage of this opportunity to invest in your upcoming marriage. It is the policy of Winshape for unmarried couples to have separate rooming arrangements, so after registering, please contact us to facilitate your rooming needs (we can also pair you with another couple who is in the same situation as you to help save additional rooming costs).

Will CONNECT ever be held on the west coast?
The Winshape retreat center that we have used in Rome, GA is top notch and meets all of the CONNECT needs, not to mention that it's a Christian retreat center, which makes it even more fitting. If there's a place on the West coast, we'd be interested in hearing about it, but as of now, Winshape is the best fit for what we do! In the meantime, save your pennies to come to the east coast. It'll be worth it, we promise ;o)

My spouse and I do not work in the same business together, does this retreat still apply to us?
You bet! There are still tensions that arise in marriage and family that are unique to those of us who are entrepreneurs and work for ourselves.

My spouse doesn't work with me in my business yet, but that is something we are working toward (or are considering), can we still come?
Yes. There is nothing better than preparing yourself for the road ahead before you are even there.

Do we have to participate in everything?
No. You have the absolutely freedom to choose what you would like to sit in on and participate in. Everything is optional. We want you to feel rested and relaxed, not stressed and busy!

Will there be any free time or is the schedule booked from morning to night?
There are blocks in the schedule where there is absolutely nothing planned. The retreat center is an amazing setting to relax and get away with no agenda, and we want you to be able to take full advantage of that.

We're photographers - should we bring our cameras?
Only if you want to. The focus (pun fully intended :) of this weekend is your relationship and balancing that with your business (and kids, for those who have or someday want them :), not brushing up on your photography skills. If you want to go off and take some time to take pictures at this beautiful getaway, or swap photo sessions with other couples, you are more than welcome to!

Is this a faith based retreat?

In short, yes. The conference center that the retreat is at is owned by a Christian company (Chick-fil-a), all of the speakers are Christians and those putting the retreat on are as well. The foundation for a great marriage starts with the Lord, so it would be hard to have a conference without any mention of him. However, all are welcome regardless of their faith backgrounds and just because you may not be a person of faith doesn't mean that the principles wont be applicable to you and that you wont enjoy yourself and get a lot out of the retreat.

Are children allowed?

Unfortunately, children or infants are not allowed on campus. This is your getaway to spend some quality time with your spouse and to be fully engaged, so take advantage of this opportunity.

My spouse and I are interested in speaking at CONNECT who would we talk to about that?
We have had many people ask us about this, so we have created a page that address this! CLICK HERE to visit the page.

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